Nutrition Facts

Thank you for your interest in Baked and our gourmet edible cookie dough! Please feel free to use the nutritional calculator below by selecting a flavor in the dropdown box and clicking submit to show relevant information needed to understand allergens and nutrition facts of our dough!

All of our dough is egg free and made with heat treated flour so it is safe to eat and free of harmful bacterias. It is also free of added preservatives (other than what it is in certain ingredients like chocolate and mix in’s), added oils, chemical leavening agents and also free of added dyes. We do not use any egg substitutes like egg beaters in our dough either.

If you see a (KOSHER SYMBOL HERE) symbol it indicates that none of the ingredients in that flavor are a restricted food. We use 100% butter in all of our dough recipes and there are no meat products on the premises. It is important to understand however that none of our flavors are Certified Kosher. If you order a flavor to then find out that an ingredient or subunit of that ingredient is a restricted food we will gladly send you another flavor to replace.

All of our dough is made in a facility that processes peanuts and tree nuts as some of our baked cookies in our shop have tree nuts and peanuts. We do wash equipment between batches where tree nuts or peanuts are present however we cannot guarantee there is no risk of cross contamination and by purchasing you agree that we will not be held liable for allergic reactions. If you are severely allergic to specifically peanuts you should not buy our dough.

It is also important to understand that all of our dough does contain both butter and milk.

Select a flavor from the dropdown below to see relevant nutrition information for that flavor.