Our Company

One thing Baked has proven is that Dreams Dough Come True… Baked got its start selling warm delicious cookies and gourmet edible cookie dough right out of our bakery on High St in beautiful West Chester Pennsylvania. Yes…we are Baked on High… (giggles)

When we unlocked the doors on opening day and had a line out the door, down the block, in the pouring rain we knew we had mixed up something special; A made from scratch love that customers could feel as soon as they entered the store and gourmet edible cookie dough that will send you straight back to childhood! We knew at that moment our dough could put smiles on faces from coast to coast and less than a year later we made that possible. Now you, your family and friends can get Baked at home with nationwide dough delivery! We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a Baked fan and spreading our love for dough with the world!

With Dough Much Love,
The Baked Family!

The Dough's and Dough'nts for Perfect Edible Cookie Dough:

We Do Use:

  • 100% Real Butter
  • 100% Pure Cane Sugar
  • Heat-Treated Pastry Flour
  • Small Batch Production techniques and quality assurances measures ensuring each batch of dough is the best it can be!

We Don’t (and never will) use:

  • Eggs or Egg substitutes of any kind
  • Hydrogenated oils or any oils for that matter
  • High Fructose Corn Syrups
  • Artificial preservatives and dyes
  • Chemical leavening agents

Our Dough will ALWAYS be 100% safe to eat and delicious!